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Pikuzone is a solution created for parents who want to provide a safe, spam-free and stranger free email to their children. Created by a parent and tested by children, this solution keeps the distractions of advertising, games, contests and other Internet noise away from the email experience.

TEJ DHAWAN, Principal

A parent of pre-teen children, Tej wanted to create a place for his kids and their cousins, friends and family to interact. With Gmail and Hotmail policies restricting children from accessing these accounts and normal ISP mail accounts, the advertising-free solutions for children’s email accounts are virtually non-existent.

Tej is involved heavily in the Startup environment in Central Iowa and serves as a mentor in residence at StartupCity Des Moines while managing Pikuzone.


As a long time advocate of kids issues and a serial entrepreneur, Erin brings a rich mix of technology, business and community leadership. Pikuzone is her fourth product, following her launch of Entrepreneurial Technologies, PushPin and Altruo.us. She also continues to work on TableNabbr. An active participant in the startup community, Erin also leads and participates in sessions focused on girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Erin’s web and mobile solutions are in use by dozens of small, medium and large customers statewide.


Joe has worked with both co-founders for over a decade and co-developed a very large secure messaging platform in the past few years. Joe is actively involved in the startup community. He is currently focused on Pikuzone and other startups as he maintains an active consulting practice.

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